7 Reasons Why You're A Pinterestaholic

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Texting and walking makes for a wet and wild day at the mall. | 12 Fail GIFs That Will Make You Get Off The Phone
1. You have Pinterest on your phone, kindle, ipad, ipod, and computer. This leads to pinning anywhere, the bathroom, the restaurant, the mall, church, family reunions (you show pins to family members as conversation), and even the car. You also have the Pin It button installed in your toolbar. 

2. You feel great joy, when seeing a fellow Pinner, (mother, sister, grandma, girl-friend), and will spend your day over tea and talking about that Christmas wreath you saw and cute gif of a cat sleeping. You also gush, when finding a Pinterest member with boards so alike that you could be twins.

It’s hard for you to work in groups because the impulse to take over everything yourself is STRONG. | 19 Signs You're An Incurable Perfectionist

3. You have been through the many levels of pinning. In your moment of boredom you became impulsive looking for something fresh, and created at least five-six boards. You most likely deleted some old ones, and deleted most of the new ones within a month. You also organize your boards alphabetically, by category, newest to oldest, etc. And every so often the OCD side of you changes all your cover photos so that they color coordinate and match for viewers. 


4. You know people hate when you double or triple pin the same thing, even to different boards. Yet, you feel like a rebel, when the yellow pop up says "Psst....You've All Ready Pinned This". Screw you I'm pinning it again like a boss.

When you were thrilled with the slightest bit of recognition. | 22 Times You've Felt Like Zoidberg
5. You get excited over comments, re-pins, and new followers. Which you have every right too be excited, but you tend to take it to heart as if them liking_re-pining your pin means they like you personally. When the pins you  love don't get re-pinned you think you're a failure.

Disney Princesses As “Mean Girls” Is A Totally Fetch Mashup

6. Just because it's on Pinterest means one it's true and two you have to do it. Pinterest wedding, baby, and party traditions and ideas must be done. Having a baby? Gender reveal party and babymoon. Wedding? You must drink Starbucks the morning before and have a fishtail braid. Christmas? What's Christmas without a cookie exchange? Doing the things off of Pinterest makes you feel like the popular girl for once, like high school all over again. Bonus if you have joined the many Pinterest fandom followers! (Avengers, Frozen, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Disney, etc.)

 Some days are just like that
7. You have over 30,000 pins, but yet you haven't read half the articles or tried to do half the things you have pinned. (Articles, Recipes, Crafts, Places to See, Advice, Books, Outfits). 
You spend more time pinning then actually doing the things you see on Pinterest.

When you Instagrammed a selfie and it immediately got dozens of likes. | 17 Times “Sailor Moon” Totally Got You
8. BONUS- You think your profile is so snazzy. When a Facebook friend joins, you feel as if you need to give them a tour of all your beautiful covers, simple but intriguing about me sentences, and cute profile pic. You also check your profile page, when it says someone has followed you that you know, because you have to glance at what they'll see and make sure things are tip top shape.

When a song comes on and all my friends start singing along, and I'm just like ... 
People who don't use Pinterest...
When surrounded by Pinterest users...Outsider! 

If you still don't believe me take this TEST....I got You're a Bit Obsessed.
I got You Are A Bit Obsessed! How Obsessed With Pinterest Are You?

Also enjoy this gif, I found it on Pinterest (of course) and had to share!

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Classic Pooh Nursery

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

    As the holiday season nears, so does sales and the famous Black Friday. Though my baby shower won't be until January, I've been keeping an eye on sales and deals. We decided to go with a Classic Pooh theme for our little Benjamin. Thanks to my wonderful Mother-In-Law, we were able to snatch this adorable mobile off of Ebay. With so many different options and ideas, I decided to go on Polyvore and put my thoughts to picture. We decided on green and yellow with some blue and brown woods to give it that "Hundred Acre Wood" feeling. 

 Though most of Polyvore's products can be pricy, it gives me great ideas.

    My husband and I also fell in love with the wood accented wall in this woodsy nursery!

You can read the whole article here-  

This nursery theme is very different from my own, but I just love the stump idea as a side table. 

I instantly fell in love with this idea! A simple but cute woodsy touch. 

This nursery is THE Classic Pooh with white and greens. I plan on doing a woodland theme, but I just adore the green blanket on the side of the crib and the mobile. 

This blogger's nursery is very elegant with unique decor. 
Being that her baby is a girl I can understand why she would add the personal touches.
Her blog post shows cute ways to set up nursery photos for display. 

I also like this idea of covering the ceiling with wood painting trees on the walls. 
Not sure yet which I like better. 

His little arm and round belly! He wouldn't hold still for long though.

    Before I go, I thought I would update on our little Benjamin! 
    As of today he is 23wks 3days and almost at the 6 month mark! 
     Last Thursday we went for our appointment and they estimated him at about 1lb 3oz. They had not been able to measure his spine last time. The tech printed off new pictures now that he is easier to see. His spine and body measured just fine and above average in some areas. After our next appointment, we will have to start going every two weeks. Something I'm not looking forward too with winter almost here. Lance and I were able to feel him kick on the outside for the first time last Sunday. The look on his face was just priceless. I've managed to hold myself back from shopping just yet. Only a few onsies here and there. We haven't closed on our townhouse yet, but I hope to be painting his nursery soon!

25 Days of Christmas

Saturday, November 8, 2014

     I know what you're thinking. It's not even Thanksgiving, and you're talking about Christmas? Yes, I have Christmas on the brain. I haven't pulled out the Christmas decorations, this photo was from last year. My husband would kill me, if he came home to stockings and wreaths! My family is the type to sing Christmas carol's at Midnight on Halloween. My hubby has had a hard time adjusting to our ways so to speak. For example, my dad dressed up as Santa, and he rode his tractor in the 4th of July parade, and threw candy to the kids. (very country I know) But of course we can't miss out on Christmas in July! And my family would celebrate it year round, if possible. I'm serious!

    But every December, I find myself unprepared and "winging" it you could say. This being our last Christmas alone, before baby Benjamin comes along, I want to make the most of our alone time. Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited for next years Christmas. I just can't wait to buy my little boy gifts, and dress him up in adorable outfits for parties. After searching for baby's first Christmas ideas and traditions, I decided that Lance and I should have some of our own. I searched all over Pinterest and found some ideas that sound wonderful and romantic even. Here are 25 ideas that could be enjoyed with your husband alone or your entire family. 

 (I'm a sucker for vintage christmas things) 

1. Stocking Exchange: This would be great for the simplistic couple. Whether you set a budget or a theme, this idea has many options. Fill them with candy, jewelry, or even special notes. Plan date nights or days with movie, sports, or concert tickets. 

2. Ornament Swap: This would be a great craft idea, but if you're not the crafty type buying an ornament would be just as meaningful. I love this idea, because even ten years from now, I would have enough ornaments for a tree and someday gift for my daughter or son. Sign or date them if possible for future children and grandchildren.

3. Light Sight Seeing: There are two spots here in Marion County that look just gorgeous at nighttime. If you are looking for alone time, but don't want to spend a lot, this is a great Christmas choice. Turn up the heat, be sure bring some hot cocoa, and drive around town.

4. Romantic Playlist: What's more romantic then Christmas? Some people aren't the best at speaking their mind. That's why I love music so much. It helps us express our feelings and emotions. Whether you make a CD or create a new playlist on Spotify, this could be the perfect gift for that "Special Someone." This would be great to play while light seeing around town.

5. Movie Marathon: This is a given and something that can be enjoyed with family members or as a couple. There are tons of drinking games on Pinterest that follow the classics, for example Elf, Christmas Vacation, Christmas Story, etc. If you're not the type to drink, simply replace it with hot cocoa or eggnog. You might even play games while the TV is on, or bake cookies to share for the rest of the marathon.

6. New Years Eve Jar: This is not Christmasy I know. But I thought I would throw in a few end of December traditions. I fell in love with this idea, being how fast the years fly. A mason jar would work fine. Write a note to your other half, and place it in the jar until next Christmas. No peeking! You could share your hopes for the new year, reminisce about Christmas's past, or let them know how loved and appreciated they are. With most of Christmas being focused on the children, it's good to keep traditions that are meaningful and special to the two of you.

7. Pj Swap: This could go two ways. You might look for comfort or something sexy for "That Special Someone" I have seen a lot of ideas about making a Christmas Eve box, filled with new pajamas, hot cocoa, and a Christmas movie. As a family, you could get in on the tradition by trading pajamas as well for a night of movie watching. Just wait until the kids are asleep to pull out the Santa themed lingerie. ;)

8. New Years Resolution: One of the most common traditions, but a good one as long as your at least half serious. It's good to have goals and to plan ahead. I would suggest making a list and sharing your ideas with your spouse.

9: Christmas Parade: Parade's aren't just for kids and grandparents. I have to admit it's been a long time, since I watched a Christmas Parade. However, I would LOVE to see the Macy's Day parade! And the dog show live. Attending a local parade is great way to support your local community. If you are new to a community, this could be your chance to get to know your neighbors. Most have stands with hot drinks and snacks. You could even participate in the parade.

10. Wheeling Lights: Ever since I was a child, my parents took my sister and I too Wheeling, WV. If we were lucky, we would be checked out of school early and taken to Cabela's first. The Winter Festival of Lights is not one to disappoint. It has over six miles of lights to drive through, and a radio station that lines up with the lights and broadcasts local information. Another favorite of mine is the zoo, model train exhibit, and laser show.

11. Make Snow Globes: These would make such cute presents to family and friends, especially children. Pinterest has some cute ideas for making your own Frozen themed snow globes with Olaf. All you need is a mason jar or baby food jar and some glitter. Here's a link to one I adore. Frozen Inspired Snow Globe

12. Make Sweets for Family: My personal favorite is truffle making. Last year I made white chocolate and dark rolled in coconut, nuts, and cocoa powder. Making sweets together is a great way to spend some holiday time together. If you make truffles or any other Christmas treat, Dollar General carries cute tin containers with snowmen and more. I line mine with wax paper and be sure to tell family whether they need refrigerated or not.

13. Cambridge Ohio: I have only been there once, but it would make a great tradition for those close to Ohio. The courthouse is decorated in lights, and they light up in time with the music. Their light show was just beautiful. The town also puts on A Christmas Carol, all the shops are open until late, and their was a live nativity set up for tourists.

14. Pick A Tradition from Around the World: In elementary school, I remember having to place my shoes outside the classroom to be filled with candy. This would be a very unique tradition to start with your kids, but could also be fun with your partner. I have yet to pick a tradition, but Pinterest is full of ideas! If you have any of your own, that aren't considered "traditional" to the typical "American" traditions, I would love to hear them!

15. Hide a Gift in the Tree: This is a tradition that I came up with for this Christmas. The night before bed, I hope to hide a gift, whether it be a true gift or note, in the tree. Maybe after my husband is asleep. It will be fun to see if he notices, and how long it will take him to notice!

16. Maternity Photos: I know that lots of people do engagement, holiday, family, or children's photos leading up to Christmas. For myself, this year I will be taking maternity photos of myself and my husband. Some cute examples: Mistletoe over the belly while he kisses it, Candy Canes in the shape of a heart over the belly, and Holding the letters JOY. Such a cute way to announce or remember your Joy to be.

17. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt: I feel in love with this idea immediately. This could make a wonderful double date night idea. First make a list of the typical Christmas items you would see in a front yard. (Santa, Snowman, Reindeer, Lights, Elf) Both couples take the list and split up into their cars and go "light seeing." Whenever you see an item on the list mark it off. The blogger also mentioned maybe counting how many Santa's you see. I would set a time, an hour, and then meet back at a local cafe or restaurant for dinner or drinks.

18. Participate in Play or Song: Every year, communities, schools, and churches scramble to put on a wonderful Christmas program. (unless you're like Charlie Brown and think it's too commercial). Participating in a play or musical or even caroling would be a great opportunity to showcase your talents or simply help out this Christmas season.

19. Flowers and Bears: I know some couples are against the whole flowers, bears, and chocolate thing. But I love flowers, roses, lilies, sunflowers, wildflowers, etc! Plus flowers was the first gift Lance gave me. We had not been dating for even a month, when he sent me a bouquet to class of roses and a Boyd's Bear named Sparkleberry. In our case flowers is very memorable, and our way of celebrating our relationship.

20. Sappy Love Note in Tree: This goes hand in hand with the tree gift. I think placing notes in the tree up until Christmas day would be a wonderful way to say "I Love You." Just place a small note-card in the tree and wait for him-her to notice, while going about their day. It would be a fun surprise to see their face, when they ask what's on the tree.

21. Mistletoe: Definitely a given! I think it would be fun to play a game of placing mistletoe around the house in various locations. (Kind of like putting mustache's on your TV and taking a drink, when it lines up with someones face) The goal being not to get caught under the mistletoe. You'd get kissed instead of taking a drink in this situation. 

22. Love Letters: Now I know I mentioned the note in the tree. This though could be letters in purse, books, lunch, etc. Unlike a quick note on the tree, the note would be long and Christmasy. Maybe sprinkle in some Christmas glitter or tape it too a thing of Christmas cookies.

23: Treat Bags: My husband has always loved kids, and when he was asked to teach Sunday school, I wasn't surprised the least. I've decided to make them some cute treat bags this year. Making treat bags for kids is always fun. Set up a line with each item laid out for your bags, and turn on some Christmas music to set the mood.

24: Letter's to Santa: Who says you have to be a kid to write a letter to Santa? I think writing a letter might help let out the kid inside. They could be a serious way to share what you really long for, but would never admit. Or you could pick out adult items that still have that kid like wonder to them. Nerf gun anyone?

25: Decorations: As a kid it was my mom, sister, and I that put up the Christmas decorations. Until my Benjamin is old enough to help, decorating will remain as a couple thing. Decorating can take days, so the more the merrier. Put on some Christmas music or a movie and make a day of it. Order some pizza, and spend the day organizing and decorating. 

26: BONUS- Dance: I love the classic Christmas music! Have a romantic evening with dinner and a dance. If you want to spend the extra money, dance lessons would make a romantic holiday gift. A place nearby called Stonewall Jackson provides does weekends all year round devoted to dancing. Your weekend stay includes dance lessons during the day, and a fancy dance that evening to show off your moves. Meanwhile, you can spend in between time in the inside/outside hot tub or relaxing around the resort. I myself haven't been there, but my cousin says it's just wonderful. 

 So do you have any traditions of your own? I would love to hear them! Thanks for stopping by and I hope these ideas inspire you this Christmas Season.

October Photo Challenge

Friday, November 7, 2014

    After a month of taking pictures, I am pictured out! I had so much fun taking them. (on my personal Instagram) This was a fun experience that I would love to try again..Though I don't think I will be short on pictures come December. It really did show me the difference between Samsung and the Iphone. My Samsung had a way better camera. I love my Iphone, but the camera doesn't take the clearest of pictures. Still, I think that it was worth the work. Fall being my favorite season, I couldn't wait to capture our beautiful hills and farmland. My hope is to get my old camera fixed and take up landscape photography. It took some amazing pictures. Hope to share some winter shots coming soon. They're all ready forecast snow for next Saturday. It won't be long now!

 Old Camera Pic. of my cute 2nd cousins Riley and Osmond.

 Burlap Wreath. Was supposed to be ruffled but I ran out of burlap. 

My favorite pumpkin, with my sister's dress on Halloween. 

 I was supposed to take a sunset picture, but of course it rained! 
No surprise here in West Virginia. 

 I was supposed to take one of someone special. 
I decided to do a throwback to last year, my wedding, of my mom and dad.

 I told my sister I would make it look like she was freezing Mike. 
This is what I came up with. lol. 

 I was a "Mummy to Be" and she was Elsa if you haven't figured it out yet. 

My candy for trick or treat. 

My sister, Jess, and Mike aka Elsa and Prince Charming.

 Quote of the Day. 
There was also another wonderful quote that said, 
"Fall is the quiet before the storm." 

 My cuddle buddies, Dixie Cup and Tia! 
She's such a lady, and always lays with her paws crossed. 

 My parents farm and the old building. 

 Best friends! 
I chose this of my sister and I after finding a bunch of old photos in the spare bedroom. 

Halloween Movie. A tradition, you can't have Halloween without watching.

My favorite oven mitt! I just love owls. 

Something Pumpkin. A pumpkin drink, especially coffee. 

 A recipe idea I found off of Pinterest for a pumpkin spice latte. 

 Random. Our friends dog Macy, while we helped them move. 

 Painting pumpkins for the gender reveal. 

 A baby picture. Left is my husband and the right is myself. 
If Benjamin gets Lance's ears, we're in for a treat. 

 Trees. The fall colors, the beauty of West Virginia in fall time can only be experience. 

 Crafty. A wreath I'm working on for our new home. 

 Siblings. My sister and I with Santa a few years ago. 
My sister has lost a lot of weight since then, I'm so proud of her. 

Black and white. My fall tree in my living room with the glitter pine cone from Big Lots.

  What I wore day. Since I was in Pj's, I told my husband to pose. 
He didn't realize that I was taking it for Instagram. :) 

My new haircut and favorite cat scarf. 

 Halloween I made last Halloween. 

 My dad on the tractor on a cloudy fall day. 

 Another working on my wreath. 
Before I ran out of burlap. 

Song. My favorite song currently. 
Brother, Sister by Beta Radio. 

My pumpkin tart melter with a yummy smelling tart Autumn Wreath.

Made chocolate covered pretzels and put these on as toppers. So cute and tasty.

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