8 Awesome Baby Pins

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pinterest is loaded with baby articles. For a first time mom I could not be more happy. I did not realize just how clueless I was until I started a registry today. Suddenly, the basic bottles, diapers, and crib is not enough. Now I have to decide what brand to buy, and figure out what is best for my baby to be. Now that I am almost 16 weeks I thought it was a good time to start a registry and slowly add to the list as I get farther along. (2nd trimester and I finally don't feel like death!) I wanted to start one now, considering I am not sure, when I will have the shower.

My due date being March 9th, I know that things can go two different ways. First, I could deliver that Monday or even later. Second, I could end up delivering even earlier into late February. With winter being predicted as worse than last year, I really hate to have a shower in January. All ready, the weather here in West Virginia is getting cold, like fall cold! (Not complaining. You don't understand just how much I love fall!) I'm afraid the weather will ruin everything. But November seems to early, while December is mixed into the Christmas season. So you can see my dilemma. 
This is only the first of my decisions/worries/problems. I am glad to have Pinterest, for all it's "Pinners" and ideas for my baby to be. I know you should not believe everything you read. I try to stay open minded and remember that every parent is different. We all have our own parenting style, and as long as we "parent" based on the child's needs, we are not wrong. Which brings me to the point of my post. I thought that I would ten articles-blog posts that were educational for mom's to be or just mom's in general. 

   1. Ready Freddy & Betty is a blog post from a couple that is very, very, very ready for their baby. It really puts me to shame. But, I am not as far along as she was, and I don't think we will be getting a "family-friendly" vehicle. We are however looking for a house, and hopefully will be moving our of our apartment soon! Finally!

Prepping for Baby...this list has so many ideas I never would have thought of!

    2.  25 Things To Do Before Your Baby Is Born- This article has some obvious ideas, at least for myself. But there were some good ones that I probably would not have thought of on my own. I definitely want to have professional pictures of my baby taken to share with family. She suggested getting the names and addresses together beforehand, so that you can thank your future self that is probably too busy taking care of baby to think about finding everyone's address. 


 3. Baby's First Birthday Gift Ideas - I won't need this one for more than a year. But I thought that it was a wonderful article to hold onto. Most mom's from what I see make a big deal out of the first year with a party and presents. I know my mom did! But I really don't know what to get a baby, since they are in that mid-stage of too young for this and that. This article gives example gifts that would work for a baby that is finally old enough to start playing with bigger stuff and not just the stuffed animals and the softer toys. 


    4. 21 Baby Sleep Tips- This article is great on sleep tips and pointing you in the right direction. I just might need these in case my baby ends up like myself. As someone with ADHD insomnia is nothing new. Even as a baby, my mother said that I hardly slept at night. The problem became worse, once I was able to pull myself up. After entertaining myself with pulling off the wall paper and playing with the light switch all night long, my crib was moved to the middle of the nursery, where I wouldn't touch anything.

 21 Baby Sleep Tips

     5. Sample Birth Plan for a Hospital Birth -If you are planning on a hospital birth like myself, this is a good article to give you a better understanding of what a birth plan looks like. I chose my doctor knowing that he delivers at the hospital of my choice. At my first appointment at my OB/GYN's office, I was given a folder-packet of educational papers and birth plan print out for Mon. General Hospital. They ask their patients to check mark final decisions. Mon. General now has what they call the "Hazel Ruby McQuain Birth Center." I have not toured the hospital yet. The birth plan asking a variety of questions that make me feel very confident in choosing them. Their rooms are made to look like your average bedroom with whirlpool, extra bedding for the birthing partner to rest in, and "mommy meals." Even if your options might not be exactly the same, it gives you a good start at starting your own.

   6. Mila Kunis Interview I had to share this interview, short as it may be. I have loved Mila from That 70's Show to Family Guy, and I her statement about delivery is quite comical. I have to agree with her on the limiting of people present during labor. She states that she will only have two people present, here doctor and her husband. I have to agree there. The only people besides maybe the doctor and a nurse or two, will be my husband and mother. I have to admit that I am a bit nervous about saying something that I will regret, while giving birth, well just lashing out with words that I would never use in front of her. If you know what I mean!


  7. 3 Amazing Benefits of Music During Labor - My hospital birth plan asks if I would like a few things done during labor. Here are a few- lights dimmed, quiet as possible, and music based on the fact that I provide the music. Music is a must at least for this pregnant lady. Music, especially piano has always had a way of calming me and providing a feeling that simply nothing in this world can replicate. As a piano player, the piano has always had a special place in my heart. It all comes down to what music I decide to go with. While my first choice is piano and soft, I did jokingly tell my husband that I was going to create a "Psych" playlist, Imperial March included. Can't you imagine it? I can see it now, the baby's head crowning, while star wars orchestra plays encouragingly in the background! If you are considering music, this is a great article to give you some tips and advice.

3 amazing benefits of music during labor

  8. Preparing for the Baby - I love The Dating Divas! When I saw this article, I just had to add it to the list. The article focuses not just on the baby and mother needs, but they also include the needs of the father and how to make him part of the new family addition. They also include some emergency day kits and special gift baskets made just for daddy. I might have my mom help me on that one and come together on a sweet gift to keep him motivated, while I am in labor. Dating Divas has many articles on a variety of topics, and I highly recommend them to anyone dating, married, or expecting.

Chrissy - Updated Pinterest Pic - PrepareForBaby


Under the Trees Review

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

         Today I am excited to share with you my thoughts on Ashley Makers debut novel Under the Trees. If you love a good romance, then you'll love this book! I am also excited to announce my official publishing of my book blog, Neisa's Nook. Yes, I will be keeping The Flannel Flower, but all of my book reviews will be published under my new blog. I will however link all of my book reviews to this blog to keep my loyal followers updated on my newest reads. You will find them listed for now on under my book review page above. 

To read my full review click here- Under the Trees Review. But first here below is a little something about this wonderful story to let you know just what this romance is all about. Also you will find that I changed my song of the week. After reading "Under the Trees", you will understand why I chose the song. If this book had a theme song, this would be it!



Liebster Award: #2

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Now I have been nominated for the Liebster award. But I thought what the heck! They're fun and a good way to let others get to know you better. I want to thank Emily over at Pumpkin Emily Smiles for the nomination! :) 

The Rules Are: 

1. Post 11 facts about you. 
2. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you. 
3. Nominate 11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers.
*GFC Followers, Not Bloglovin' Unless you go only by bloglovin' 
And have less than 200 Bloglovin' Followers*
3. Link your nominees to this post. 
4. Create 11 questions for your  nominees. 
5. Let your nominees know that they have been tagged.

 11 Facts About Myself:

1. I'm 12 weeks pregnant, if you didn't know. And I just could eat all the ice cream in the world!

2. My dream is to make this distracted brain of mine settle down and finish writing a book. 

3. I like rock music, some country, folk, soundtracks, and some christian rock.
*The Black Keys, Switchfoot, Relient K, Toby Mac, Shiny Toy Guns, etc.*

4. I'd love to co-own a bakery or restaurant with my hubby someday.

5. I'm a farm girl at heart, and long to live somewhere quiet in the middle of nowhere.
6. Someday I would love to get my scuba diving lisense and swim with sharks. 

7. I would love to pick up and move to the beach!...gawh...

8. Ever since I could remember, my father has loved stopping at car shows. Though I'm not a car buff like him, I always enjoy stopping at a car shows. It reminds me of being a kid again.

9. I have ADHD, and though I'm not perfect, I'm working on owning my disorder.
10. I hate going to the mall. Being a plus sized gal, even if I find bigger clothes, they're usually expensive. I usually end up leaving with shoes or jewelry.
11. I love Coca Cola! By love I mean I collect anything coke. 
*Bottles, tins, clocks, crates, art, figurines, etc.*


 Emily's Questions: 

1. What's your favorite thing to do? 
 Sleep!...Just kidding. I love to do a lot of things listen to music, write, and read. 
Lately though, I have found happiness in baking sweets. :)

2. What's your favorite song? 
It's a tough one, but I'd have to say "Porcelain" by Marianas Trench. 
It holds a lot of memories, and it helped me get through some hard times. 

3. Who's your favorite band or singer? 
 It would be somewhere between, Gregory Alan Isakov, Marianas Trench, and Bastille.

4. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be? 
"Hey There Delilah" It was my hubby's and my song back in high school. 
He even played it on the guitar for me at one point, and would serenade me in his truck.

5. What's your favorite food? 
 This is a tough one, since I'm pregnant with a variety of cravings that change every day! 
This week it's Bob Evans! Their potato soup or Wildfire Chicken Salad! Yummy.

6. What is the name of your favorite blog? 
 I don't really have a favorite blog, too many awesome blogs out there!

7. What's your favorite animal? 
Cats. My hubby says if he died, I would become the creepy cat lady.

8. Do you have any pets? If you don't what animal would you like as a pet? 
 My apartment doesn't allow animals, but I'd have a cat or dog if I could...maybe even a ferret. 
When I was still at home, on my parents farm, we had many pets. I still consider them my pets. 
Between 5 dogs, 5 cats, a miniature horse, cows, chickens, and a bunch of fish, my parents, my sis, and I had our hands full.  

9. What's your favorite color? 
 Blue! Turquoise, Royal, and Neon shades.

10. What are three words that describe you? 
 Honestly? I'd have to say... Stubborn, Giving, and Imaginative

11. If you could take a picture of anything in the world, who or what would it be?  

My Questions:

1. What do you blog about? 

2. What's your favorite clothing store? 

3. What is your favorite genre of music? 

4. What is your favorite book? 

5. If you could travel to any country in the world, where would you go? 

6. What is your favorite ice cream? If you don't like ice cream, you're crazy! 
But instead give us your favorite dessert. 

7. Why do you blog? 

8. What inspired you to start blogging? 

9. Country side, beach, or city? What is your favorite atmosphere to be? 

10. What's your favorite color?

11. Do you have any hobbies?

Cover Reveal: Under the Trees

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today is an awesome day for two reasons! After what seemed forever (at least for me), Under The Trees is finally being released! I remember reading this back, when she first started on Inkpop. Though I was sad at the time that I did not get to read the ending, I'm glad now that I didn't, and I can't wait to hear how their love story ends. After reading the excerpts, I think that this is going to be just as good...No even better then what I remembered! Now I had the honor of interviewing Ashley back in June. You can read the author interview here to get a better look at the woman behind the story.

Now I said today is awesome for two reasons! Some of you have followed my Dixies Desserts blog, and I have to apologize for not showing it any attention/love. But within the next two weeks be looking for some amazing recipes and some yummy cupcakes as I take a journey to prefect my baking skills.

Desperate to prevent an abusive arranged marriage, Princess Araya flees to a neighboring kingdom, only to land at the mercy of the impulsive Crown Prince Thoremund, who provides refuge in a secluded forest and teaches her survival skills. Her surprise at the unexpected hold the prince has on her heart mirrors his shock at falling for the one girl he can't have.

As the young couple's feelings for each other grow, the fragile alliance between the two kingdoms threatens to break apart. With a vengeful duke and an enraged king fast on their trail, Thor and Araya must decide how much they're willing to risk for love. 

Even if staying together means starting a war.

If that's not enough to get your attention, here is some intriguing excerpts!

THOR quote:
The dark horse tore through the underbrush, bringing her close enough I could make out a pale face and a tangle of long hair. A black cloak billowed behind her. Men on horseback gave chase, darting through the trees, clearly in pursuit. All those men after one girl? Who could she be? My instincts screamed against them catching her. She could be a decoy, and they could all be spies—but what if she was in real danger?
It wouldn’t be so difficult to apprehend her, only one rider, later …
“Let her pass,” I ordered, staring my men down until they stepped aside.
The girl raced past, glancing over her shoulder for a brief moment—her eyes flashing emerald in the light of the fire—before looking ahead and leaning low on her horse’s neck.
My men gaped at me, gripping weapons with white-knuckled hands. With a jerk of my head in the direction of the riders almost upon us, I raised the bow and nocked an arrow.
“Hold the line,” I commanded. “These men stop here.”

ARAYA sword:
Something inside me snapped—boiled over—at the mocking words and spiteful tone. The seething feeling surged upward, clouding my vision. I charged with an infuriated shriek, all movement, shifting and striking, not retreating. He easily deflected the first blow, but the second made him stagger. He faltered back a step, and I lunged with a strength that did not feel like my own.
Resistance met my blade, but it was of a soft nature that gave way. A thin ribbon of blood blossomed through the sleeve on Wendel’s right arm. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sight, grim satisfaction twisting like a living thing inside of me.
But I shouldn’t have looked. I shouldn’t have stopped.

Araya’s fear:
Stone. I became cold, hard stone. My thoughts froze and buzzed at the same time, fingers clamping against Thor’s as if somehow he could save me.
“I came as soon as I could. They were watching. It was difficult to get away—”
“They?” I lost control on the word. My voice wavered and broke with my gaze as I searched the darkness of the tree line, eyes darting from one spot to the next. Thor squeezed my hand, a steady pressure, but he did not understand.
The frantic search only ended when I looked up at Thor, heart lodged in my throat. I didn’t want to ask, or face the answer, but I needed to know. “They?”
Thor squeezed my hand again and ran a thumb over mine. “Yes, your father, brother, their guards, and—”
“He’s here, too, isn’t he?” He didn’t have to say it. I knew. I could feel it.

Thor’s inner conflict:
I thought I would be angry with Araya when I returned to camp. A part of me blamed her, even though it wasn’t her fault. Perhaps she should get out of the kingdom and take her trail of problems with her so I didn’t have to cover them up any longer. That was what she wanted anyway, wasn’t it—to go to the districts and leave me?
Then I saw her again.
My throat constricted almost painfully and my chest ached at the sight of her standing on the other side of the clearing. She was humming softly to Major while pulling burrs out of his forelock. The gelding was already saddled and bridled, as if she had just gotten back from a ride or was about to go on one. Major turned his head in our direction and pulled at the reins in her hand, letting out a welcoming whinny to Tosque.
Araya glanced up. She smiled, and I knew. That’s when I was absolutely sure I would continue to help and protect her, no matter what happened, even if it meant risking everything.

Intriguing now? Or sound like your cup of tea? You can Amazon Pre-Order! and get the book the day it is released! You can also follow Ashley and keep up with her on Facebook or Twitter.

Weekly Round Up: 23 Fall Outfits

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Wednesday! I know it's not yet fall, but seriously who isn't excited! (at least in my family) This week has been super cold and rainy, and all the stores have been putting out their fall stuff. Speaking of which Cracker Barrel has some awesome owl decor and fall treats! I've held myself back from breaking out any fall decor, but I did put out some fall smelling tarts around our apartment. It won't be long until September, and the beginning of my second trimester. I'm super excited thinking about all the cute outfits I'll wear this fall including the comfy sweaters, boots, and leggings. 

Just an update. I went yesterday to my second doctor appointment, and it went better than I had hoped! I want to say thank you for the prayers. My doctor had one of those hand held dopplers and could not pick up on the heartbeat at first, which scared the crap out of me. So he took me over to the "big fancy machine" with the nice ultrasound picture. I got to see my little baby again, even though they didn't give me a picture. The heartbeat was 106 last time, but this time it went up to a high 170! I was super happy to see my baby doing all right. Also he was a week off. I thought I was nine weeks, but apparently I am ten this week. A wonderful change and a week closer to the second trimester! 

Here is a round up of some cute fall outfits. A great way to make use of summer shirts and clothes that would only take up room in storage. You don't even have to be pregnant to look good in these. Before you read any further, I think I should tell you that I have a few fashion "Obsessions"...

Some girls LOVE shoes, and I LOVE purses and scarves. Might see a little bit of a trend.
As I come across some great Plus Size stores for Fall I will definitely share them with y'all.

Love the boots! 
The colors just scream fall in a good way!

That scarf is just perfect! Haircut looks great on her too.

Girl with Curves is my Go-To for plus size fashion! Her maternity style is just as cute/beautiful. 

Another plus size blogger that I love! Adore these shoes! 
I usually don't like skirts, but I love this combo and beautiful scarf. 

Her blog is usually really helpful on hair tips, but I came across this outfit and gushed. 
I can easily picture myself in this fall. Dress, leggings, and boots! Super Comfy!

Loving the bohemian vibes in this outfit. 
The necklace dresses it up, though I don't know if I could wear boots that high. lol.
 Still an adorable fall outfit!
 Found this on Pinterest
Couldn't find an original link though. :( 
This outfit I had to share though, because I just love the colors. Not your usual orange, reds, and greens. 
Maybe something pre-fall for a bonfire or cold late summer evening.

Loving the bag! You can get a better view of it on her blog.
 The purple is such a cute shade, but seriously I want that bag! :) 

Every since Lizzie McGuire and Cinderella Story, I have loved Hilary.
 Being my childhood favorite, I was thrilled to find this picture of her. 
I just love her green scarf and jacket.

Yellow and blue. Loving the blue bird on the shirt and yellow shoes!

Such a colorful sweater! Looks so warm too. 

Again another adorable scarf, but I also liked this because of the pants. 
Personally, pink is my least favorite color. 
It is a classier fall style, and I thought some pink lovin' followers out there might appreciate me sharing this one.

So creative and very different from the usual fall styles! 

This is why I love maxi dresses and skirts. 
Take a summer maxi and pair it with a jack or pull over a t-shirt with a cute belt and you'll have yourself a cute fall outfit! 

I'm a huge fan of tights or leggings with shorts over top. 
Though, I don't know how this would look on me now that I am pregnant. 
But I thought I would share anyways, because it's a great way to keep out those summer shorts.

Another great example. Beautiful orange cardigan paired with a belt and navy blue maxi dress.
 It looks just amazingly comfy for any momma to be. 

Just one more maxi, I promise! I love this one. 
First because I envy this bloggers hair! And second because I want her hat. 
I love Bohemian and Navajo style, and this outfit is perfect for my fellow boho lovers! 

Something a bit "fancier" or "classy" for work maybe.

I'm not a stripe person, but it looks super cute on her, and I adore those black flats!

A great way to make use of summer headbands and flowers! 
A simple dress but bold and beautiful. 

Friday Night Football! Love the varsity jacket. The heels keep it classy. 

Another classy outfit. The pattern jeans with the jacket looks comfy but still pretty.

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